Muktangan Balranjan Kendra (Muktangan Children Amusement Center)

The Institute has started this centre with the inspirations given by renowned writer Shri P. L. Deshpande and his wife Srimati Sunitatai Deshpande in the year 1979. They had some bondings with the children, and especially for Sahakar Nagar children. It was a dream of these two personalities, who wanted to see the children adhere to the Cultural and Social Activities through Dancing, Sports, Singing, Playing Musical Instruments, Play Direction, etc. It is during the Diwali, and the summer vacation, many of the social activities and programmes are being organised here. It was also a view of the Institute to get benefitted commercially, so many shops have been constructed, and through that, the Institute started getting rent, which enabled the Institute to strenghten its financial bonds.